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With our KBeauty Glass Skin Kit, you can try the unique & natural ingredients (e.g. snail gel, rice water) that makes KBeauty so famous and innovative.

Great products, great value

The KBeauty Glass Skin Kit includes an amazing product selection from well-loved KBeauty brands that influencers and the beauty community rave about!

Convenience & Discovery

We combine convenience and surprise so expect some of your existing skincare favourites and some KBeauty surprises too! We just know you'll love your selection of skincare products!

How it works

Step 1 - Choose your skin type

These beauty boxes are specially curated to help your specific skin type become brighter, clearer and more radiant!

Step 2 - Sent to your door

Your KBeauty Glass Skin Kit will be your skincare routine for 3 months. After this, you'll receive another beauty box with some of your favourites and new beauty discoveries.

Step 3 - Treat your face!

Choose 2 or 3 skincare hero products you would like to get more of in the next box! The rest of the products will be beauty discoveries we'll handpick for you based on your skin type. 

The KBeauty Glow Kit

Pamper yourself with the best KBeauty sheet masks every month

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What our customers are saying

I tried NMG Aquamarine Mask from Luckyface and loved how moisturized and fresh my skin was!

Gergana Argirova

Really liked this face sheet sent to me by Luckyface - it was very cooling and felt moisturising. 

Jessica Williams

Sheet masks are so much fun to use and you get a lot of product to use too!

Antonia from @tinkertailoronline

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