18th June is the day! Luckyface Kickstarter will go LIVE

In Chinese, the number 18 phonetically sound like the words ‘fortune will come’. So what a better day than the 18th June to launch our Luckyface Kickstarter campaign. Our journey has been short compared to most startups but we have been lucky to get onto the Launch22 incubator which meant we had experienced mentors that helped us get to where are now. Some of our mentors include beauty brand Founder Marie Drago of Gallinée and fashion brand Kwaleö Co-founder Stuart Megarry.

What is an incubator?

A business incubator helps speeds up the growth of very early stage startups. This could include setting up connections with mentors and investors as well as providing sessions that explain how things should be set up in a business, e.g. financial modelling.

Before entering the incubator, Emilie and I literally only had the business idea and nothing else. However, with the help of the Launch22 incubator we were able to validate our business idea, create our MVP, and even did our first pitch to investors the space of less than 2 months.

… and what does this mean for our Kickstarter campaign?

Working with experts in different fields from the incubator meant we gained first-hand knowledge of how to get things done right. This helped us evaluate our business and determine what are the next best steps for our business. Unlike other businesses that do not have this support, we are at an advantage because we are always receiving constructive feedback that helps us improve and make our business a success. In fact, over 90% of startups fail because they do not have the right support, this is why we and our Kickstarter campaign are different.

So why support Luckyface?

As well as the reduced risk of supporting a startup that has immense support from experts in different fields, Luckyface itself has been validated and is a product that people want in the UK. By supporting us, not only would you be able to receive great beauty products, you would also be the pioneers of the brand and can say to others that you made this brand possible!

Having met at UCL, Emilie and I have always been known to be hardworkers that would always try our best at what we do. We will ensure that the money we get from the Kickstarter campaign will help us build our business further and I hope that when you see Luckyface available in the UK market you would feel as rewarded as we do.

Check out our Kickstarter campaign teaser on our homepage!

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