International Women's Day 2019: What it means for Luckyface

For International Women's Day, I felt compelled to write today's blog because it's one that is really meaningful to me in so many ways.

Today is so important because it's a day that's dedicated to celebrating women's successes and achievements. I can write long essays on this topic but today I'm going to keep it short and sweet!

There have been so many inspiring women who've been part of my journey, helping transform me into the person I am today! I wanted to talk about the women who have inspired me and the women who helped me grow as a person.  And today, I wanted to say a huge thank you to some of those women!

Firstly, if you are here reading this, it probably means you've read some of the content on The Lucky Blog already. That means you've probably seen that I have a KBeauty Star series. I love publishing interviews in this little series because it feels like I'm getting to know these lovely ladies more. I love having that access to people's beauty routines.

I've had some direct messages from ladies in the skincare community who have contacted me and said that they love reading the interviews. Honestly, that just makes my day! However, it wouldn't be possible without the incredible KBeauty influencers who take part in it! I know I don't have a particularly large following but you believed in my vision and that's why I want to thank all of the ladies who took part.  

So thank you to:

Michelle from @glitterballmagazine

Abigail from @theabigaillaura

Bailey from @freakinthesheetmask

Sarah from sarahs_skincare

Kelly from @kelldris

Sophie from @mapletreeblog

Elisa from @sokobeauty

Beth from @happyxseoul

Charlotte from @mcuriosity

Sarah from @boxnip

Elaine from @maskepedia

Elora from @elopiinkstate

Rhiannon from @rhiannonrecommends

Giulia from @skinchan_skincare

Amy from @dorkification

Katherine from @skinfullofseoul (Sneak peek of what's coming up next!)

I hope to stay in touch with you lovely ladies and I still follow your socials! (Stalker alert!) 

This International Women's Day gave me a little idea.

What I learned from Instagram is that there's so much talent and artistry in the beauty community. I'm inspired everyday by the incredible posts that you ladies create. You're true content creators.  

Today is all about celebrating female achievement so I was thinking that I could organise a KBeauty Star Awards online and you can vote for your favourite influencers to win Best Blog, Best Photography, Best Reviewer and KBeauty Star of 2019! 

I think it could be a fun way to celebrate the talent in the KBeauty community. All of the ladies in the KBeauty Star series are automatically nominated but you can also nominate your favourite influencers too. (*Happy for men to be nominated too. I want to be as inclusive as possible.)

It's still in the idea stage at the moment so do let me know if it's a fun idea or if it's a horrible idea! :) 

That's all for now. Thanks for reading my lucky stars! Til next time! :)

Love Em x

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