Just another subscription box? What makes Luckyface different

Over the last 10 years, the subscription box business model has been one that has proven to be very successful. People can subscribe to boxes and get items they are interested in delivered to their door monthly. By now they are 1000s of subscription boxes in the market, from food to beauty, and crafts to drinks. You may think that Luckyface is just another one of those added to the subscription box marketplace, but today I will tell you what makes Luckyface different.

Product selection:

Like most subscription boxes, customers receive products that are selected for them. With Luckyface, products are handpicked from the Republic of Korea and sent to UK consumers. This means customers will receive face sheets that they cannot get in the UK, and the range of sheets they receive will differ every month as well. Korea has one of the fastest and biggest growing beauty industries meaning there will always be something new for Luckyface to offer. Customers will not get disappointed because there will always be new products to try out.

“You cannot be disappointed by something you have never tried- that is the beauty of Luckyface’s discovery boxes”

Education and communication:

Although there are already online marketplaces that sell Korean beauty products to UK customers, these marketplaces do not rebrand the products for UK consumers, i.e. there are no English translations of the ingredients or explanations to how the products should be used. This means although Kbeauty is a trend, the products online right now are still limited to only selling to users who are very familiar with Korean beauty products and understand the differences between the brands. Us (the Co-founders) not being Korean ourselves and do not know the language, understand the pain points that some UK consumers feel when they approach these products. Our aim is to bridge this gap, educate people and rebrand Korean beauty products so they are more accessible to users of any household in the UK.


Subscription boxes are good because they are hassle free and do not require customers to go back to a shop to buy new products for the upcoming month. Luckyface have spoken to ladies who currently use some sort of beauty subscription and found that one of the problems experienced by users are the amount of products they receive in a box. Whether they are sample size products or full size products, people do not find all of them useful and are unable to finish them all within a month. This means products are piled up and sometimes even go to waste.

Luckyface is different, because although we send products every month, these products are face sheets which can be used in combination with any beauty routine. There are no specific requirement of when they need to be used and the frequency of use either. This means you can see the face sheets you get as a treat or even use them consecutively for a week if you have a special day planned. Face sheets normally have an expiry date of over a year so they can be store easily. You can even give them away as gifts because of the nature of how they are packaged!

“Every now and then you will have those ladies sleepovers and it is just so nice to take a face sheet, laid down and relax, and talk the night away with your best friends”

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