KBeauty Stars of Instagram: Interview with Beth (@happyxseoul)

Hey Beth! It's so lovely to have you in my interview series about Kbeauty bloggers on Instagram!  I really love your IG page (@happyxseoul) because you post such a diverse range of KBeauty products there. Can you tell us a bit more about yourself?

Thank you so much for asking me to answer some questions! I am excited to share my thoughts. I am 28 and I work full-time in the wonderful world of Insurance and Tax (woohoo!). In my spare time, I am either browsing IG, catching up on YT and K-Dramas, or studying Korean.

I have an addiction to K-pop and Korean snacks. I have probably been submerged in the Hallyu Wave since around 2012 when K-pop entered my life for the first time and I haven’t looked back since. I have been lucky enough to visit Seoul twice, and I’ve made sure to fill my suitcase on both of those trips.

You're based in the UK like me. How did you discover the world of KBeauty?

This is going to sound odd, but Kbeauty was first introduced to me through product placement in Korean dramas. I was amazed by the perfect skin of the actresses and the products they were using in the dramas. I went on a bit of a research mission and it led me into the Kbeauty world. Whilst I have been using Kbeauty for a number of years, it was only in 2018 that I finally decided to start an IG page.

What was it that got you obsessed with Kbeauty? 

Once I started researching, I quickly realised how passionate the Kbeauty community was in helping people to achieve their own healthy skin glow. I read tens of reviews each day and was suckered in by the realistic looking results, the promotion of natural ingredients, the affordable price points, and of course, the extremely cute packaging! Then of course once I started, it was really hard for me to go back to anything else. I just don’t find the same quality and variety in Western products that come at the price of Kbeauty.

I saw on your IG that you like to trial out KBeauty before you commit to a full size purchase. I think that's a really savvy thing to do. :) What Kbeauty miniatures were so amazing that compelled you to buy the full size?

Oh, I live for trial size products. I have been a victim in the past of trying a new product and then it breaking me out. Trial sizes are perfect for this reason alone.

Some of my most successful minis that I have purchased full-size have been The Son & Park Beauty Water, Laneige Water Sleeping Mask, Banila Co Clean It Zero, Sulwhasoo Cleansing Foam and I am just finishing up a mini of the Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Serum and there WILL be a full-size coming in the not so distant future!

What's your everyday morning skincare routine? What are your go-to products?

Whilst the products in my routine change once empty, the structure always remains the same. Oil Cleanser, Foaming Cleanser, First Essence, Hydrating Toner, Moisturiser and SPF.

At the moment, my go-to products are always my Banila Co Clean It Zero and Cosrx Low PH Cleanser. This duo have been my morning cleansing saviours for a long time. I don’t usually like to stray from this combo unless I am specifically reviewing a product.

And while on the subject of morning skincare go-to products, I have to take a second to plug the one product I will NEVER skip no matter how much of a rush I am in. I can’t stress the importance of SPF. Whether there is sunshine, rain, cloud or snow, I will always make sure that suncream is on my face and neck. There are so many lightweight versions now that there really is something for everyone. I have been reaching lately for the Klairs UV Essence or the Purito Centella Green as they are both water-based, which are perfect formulas for my combo/oily skin type.


What's your everyday makeup routine like? What are your go-to products?

My make-up routine is where Western and Korean collide. I use a mixture of both in my routine, but that’s because I have a lot of loyalty to certain brands.

I use the No Poreblem primer by Touch In Sol to start with as it leaves my skin with a smooth and mattified surface.

Next, I go in with a Beauty Blender and my Estee Lauder Double Wear or The Face Shop’s Miracle Finish Oil Control Cushion. I set with the Innisfree No Sebum Powder.

Eyes are usually Urban Decay mascara and either the Naked 1 or Naked Cherry eyeshadow palettes. Blush is also via the Urban Decay Afterglow palette.

Eyebrows are finished up with the Tarte Arch Architect and then for the lips I choose one of my Etude House Dear Darling Lip Tints or a Peripera tint.

What's your night time skincare routine? What are your go-to products?

My nightly routine is where I like to feed my skin the most. I have an array of products that get switched in and out depending on the day of the week (i.e Exfoliating products, wash-off masks and sheet masks).

But I always start with a double cleanse and depending on how heavy my eye make-up is, I will use a cleansing water to remove the bulk first. An FTE is super important for me as I feel it kick starts the process and prepares my skin properly to absorb the next products in line. I have a particular fondness to the Missha Time Revolution First Treatment Essence and regularly keep a bottle of this on hand.

Hydrating Toners come next and I will frequently use multiple layers at night. I don’t personally follow the famous 7 skin method, but I do use 2 to 3 skins as I find this provides me with just the right level of hydration. Some of my favourite toners are the Tiam Vita B5 and the Klairs Supple Preparation Toners.

Essence and Serums are an interchangeable part of my routine also. Depending on whether I have exfoliated or not depends on the essence I may use. I have soothing essences like the Cosrx Snail Mucin Power Essence, but also things with a bit more of a targeted kicked like the Leegeehaam Propolis Ampoule.

I may slot in a sheetmask at this point, and again, the ingredients will be dependent on my routine for the night. I like to use aloe vera masks on exfoliation nights, and brightening masks when I am a bit tired etc…

Locking in all of the goodness with a moisturiser is the next important step. I tend to use a heavier moisturiser at night because I don’t have to worry about excessive oiliness. I use a duo of the Benton Fermentation Eye Cream and Benton Steam Cream to seal in my skincare.

If it is a particularly cold night or if I feel that my skin isn’t fully quenched then I will also add in a sleeping pack just before bed. I love how convenient a sleeping pack truly is. Some of my best morning glows have been due to sleeping packs. Our skin repairs itself while we sleep, so why not treat it to some extra goodness at the same time? Personal favourites of mine are the Sulwhasoo Overnight Revitalising Mask, Laneige Water Sleeping Pack and the Too Cool For School Pumpkin Sleeping Pack.

If you were to recommend 5 Kbeauty products for a friend who's never tried KBeauty before, what 5 products would they be?

  1. Banila Co Clean It Zero
  2. Cosrx Low PH Gel Cleanser
  3. Cosrx Snail Mucin Power Essence
  4. Klairs UV Watery Essence Sunscreen
  5. Klairs Supple Preparation Toner

Is there any Kbeauty product (skincare or makeup) that is currently on your wish list?

I’m going to be honest, I have a notes page saved to my phone with my current skincare wishlist, and I can comfortably say that there’s over 50+ plus products on that list.

Some of my main wishlist products are:

Neogen Green Tea Cleansing Stick

Glow Recipe Watermelon Sleeping Pack

Huxley Grab Water Essence

Purito Triple Synergy Liquid


We want to know even more about you!

This or that

Skincare or makeup - Skincare

Pizza or hotdogs - Pizza

Netflix or Cinema - Netflix

Early bird or night owl - Early bird

Summer or Winter - Summer


Fill the gaps

Fav Korean dish - Doenjjang Jiggae

Fav Kpop band - SHINee, Blackpink, Girls Generation and BTS (I couldn’t choose just one… I’m so multifandom Lol)

Fav spot in the world - Lumphini Park, Bangkok

Fav item of clothing now - Gucci Espadrilles

Fav song - Old School = Girls Generation - Into The New World


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