KBeauty Stars of Instagram: Interview with Elora (@elopiinkstate)

Hey Elora! It's so cool to have you in my interview series about Kbeauty bloggers on Instagram! I loved your IG page straightaway (@elopiinkstate) because it has two of my favourite things on it: Harry Potter and KBeauty! Can you tell us a bit more about yourself?

Thank you very much ! I am a 26 years-old KBeauty junkie and Potterhead ! As you said, I am French, and I love to share my passion for KBeauty, Makeup, and Harry Potter on my SNS. Yes I know, it is a LOT of topics, but I just like them all. 

I started to do my Blog and YouTube channel to talk with people about KBeauty. At that time it was very confidential and new in France. So I wanted to share and to discover with other KBeauty addicts.

You're the first French KBeauty influencer I've interviewed. How did you discover the world of KBeauty?

I started to be interested in KBeauty with Kpop. At that time I loved 4Minute, 2NE1, Girls Generation etc. So I looked for their styles and makeup on the internet. Then I discovered Pony Makeup, and I loved her videos. She used many Korean products, so I wanted to try them!

You've been passionately writing about KBeauty on your blog, 'Elo As Sweet As Honey' since 2015. What was it that got you obsessed with Kbeauty? 

I started to like KBeauty for many reasons: cute packagings, but nice quality and not too expensive prices.   

You've used lots of KBeauty and JBeauty. Do you notice any differences between them?

KBeauty and JBeauty are nothing alike! It is quite logical because Korea and Japan do not have the same culture. Both have really good quality products. Even if JBeauty is innovative, KBeauty is more open on international trends, and innovate quite more. JBeauty is still made for Japanese people first.

What's your everyday morning skincare routine? What are your go-to products?

I start with cleaning my face using a Cleansing Foam from 11 Village Factory, then I use the Beauty Water from Son&Park, after what I use the Secret Key’s Starting Treatment Essence. For my eyes, I use a cream from a French brand that you may know: Bioderma. For my face, I also use a cream from a French Brand that is still quite unknown: Oraiki Paris.  

To end my skincare routine, I use a Japanese lip balm from a website called Bijin.


What's your everyday makeup routine like? What are your go-to products?

My everyday makeup is quite simple, and it changes a lot… I like to have fun with makeup.

I do not use primer, to avoid any skincare issues.  For my face, I use the Missha x Line Friends cushion foundation, a Pony Effect concealer, the Pony Effect Sharping Brow, a Pony x Memebox blush, and a powder from Make Up For Ever.

For my eyes, I change eyeryday. My favourite palettes are:

  • Too Faced Gingerbread (US)
  • 02 Sweet Wine from Château Labiotte (Korean)
  • A small Kanebo Kate palette (Japanese)

  • My favourite Korean Mascara is the Curl Fix one.  

    For my lips, I use several different lipsticks. My go-to are:

  • Château Labiotte Velvet Lip Tint
  • Kanebo Kate Lipsticks

  • What's your night time skincare routine? 

    For night-time I start with the DHC oil to remove my makeup. Then I use the 11 Village Factory Cleansing Foam to clean my face. I use 2 Pyunkang Yul products: Mist Toner and Moisture Ampoule. I also use my Bioderma eye cream and an Oraiki Paris night cream.  

    Once to twice a week I exfoliate my skin using the iUnik Lime Peeling Gel and then I use sheet masks, or a Innisfree night cream.


    If you were to recommend 5 Kbeauty products for a friend who's never tried KBeauty before, what 5 products would they be?

    Just 5! It is so difficult! For skincare I’d say the Son&Park Beauty Water and the Clean it Zero from Banila Co.

    For makeup, I’d say a Peripera Airy Velvet Lip Tint, BlackPink Lisa’s Cushion and The Saem Pro Tip Concealer. The latter is so nice and cheap!

    Is there any Kbeauty product (skincare or makeup) that is currently on your wish list?

    So many! I would like to try:

  • Heimish All Clean Balm
  • COSRX Pads
  • Moonshot Face Perfection Balm Cushion
  • NEOGEN Sunscreen  

  • Any tips for aspiring KBeauty influencers?

    Always enjoy what you do! When you start, you may want to do a lot of partnerships. Even if it is nice to receive many many free products, you should always remember to do and share what you love. And always tell the truth, do not sell your opinion.

    We want to know even more about you!

    This or that

    Skincare or makeup

    Pizza or hotdogs

    Netflix or Cinema

    Early bird or night owl

    Summer or Winter


    Fill the gaps

    Fav Korean dish: tteokbokki! Yummy!

    Fav Kpop band: BigBang

    Fav spot in the world: Seoul

    Fav item of clothing now: my blue coat that looks like Newt Scamander’s.

    Fav song: Miyavi – Guard You

    Fav movie: Harry Potter 6


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