KBeauty Stars of Instagram: Interview with Galia (@galia_skincare)

Hey Galia! You're the first Russian KBeauty influencer I've interviewed, thank you for taking part and introducing KBeauty to a Russian audience. Can you tell us a bit more about yourself?

Hi, Emilie! I'm Galia, I'm 29 years old, I'm from Siberia (Russia)-Yes, it's the part where it's cold in winter. I didn't pay attention to my skin for awhile. A year ago I added Korean serums to my skincare and I saw how my skin improved from dehydrated oily skin to normal skin! Then I began to try more and more Korean cosmetics and my skin is noticeably transformed! It looked bright, radiant and had an even tone! I also like sports and healthy food.

I heard from a friend that KBeauty is becoming popular in Russia. My friend also told me that there are Russian skincare forums on Facebook where Russian women talk about KBeauty. I think that's so fascinating! How did you discover the world of KBeauty?

Yes, Korean skincare and makeup is beginning to gain popularity in Russia! I discovered it through Youtube when I was looking for different information on Korean products! When I saw the excellent results, I wanted to share this on my Instagram blog called galia_skincare

What was it that got you obsessed with Kbeauty?

I like everything about KBeauty! The price is different. You can find decent products from budget brands, but I personally prefer premium brands, and the price is good for it. I love the unique packaging too. There's cute packaging with cute baby pigs and tomato decorations, and there is also very beautiful, minimalistic packaging too! The quality is amazing too! There's so much competition in Korea between cosmetic brands, and everyone is trying to do something new, interesting and more effective. As a buyer, we have a huge choice of products so we can find something that suits us.


Do you notice any difference between KBeauty and Western beauty products?

Yes, I notice a big difference between Western and Korean products! Before I used KBeauty, I used luxury Western brands and my skin did not improve. My skin didn't have enough moisture and I felt like there was a loss of elasticity. Korean cosmetics brought my skin back to life. My skin started to shine and became elastic, with an even complexion! I'm almost 30 years old! At 27, my skin was bad, and now everything is normal with the help of Korean skincare.

What's your everyday morning skincare routine? 

My morning starts with cleansing with my favorite gel from Huxley - it is very soft and does not dry my skin. I love their scent very much! Next, I apply two layers of re:sea toner and essence with mugwort, and paste patches under the eyes. Then after 20 minutes, remove, apply serum, eye cream and face cream (I love the Japanese cream re:sea, cream from wishtrend vitamin75 maximizing cream and gilla8). If I go outside- I'm sure to apply cream with SPF.

What's your everyday makeup routine like? 

Previously, I could not go outside without makeup, but now I like myself more without makeup. I always adjust the eyebrows and apply balm on the lips. If you do not have enough color-apply a light tint on the lips. Also I have the IOPE AIR cushion -it really makes the skin look radiant. I also add Lancome blush and mascara. Generally, I do this makeup for important meetings, but usually I don't wear much makeup.


What's your night time skincare routine? 

My evening routine begins with purification! It is two step process with the All Clean Balm (from Heimish) and then cleanser gel. Then I use the splash mask from the Blithe, the bedroll or a cleansing mask. Then I apply toner, essence. Now that it's winter, I use retinol from casa de baga, it is very soft but it works well-it smooths my skin and minimizes pores). Then I apply serum and cream. Also, I use a night mask from Huxley twice a week. I think doing tissue masks two times a week is the key to success!


How has KBeauty changed your life?

Beauty has changed my life for the better! Definitely! I fell in love with the multi-step care and also self-care. I find it enjoyable! Korean companies began to work with me. I found friends and associates in KBeauty, and I'm very happy about it! This is my little world.

If you were to recommend 5 Kbeauty products for a friend who's never tried KBeauty before, what 5 products would they be?

1. Heimish All clean balm
2. Huxley cleansing gel
3. Pyunkang Yul toner/Re:sea toner
4. Benton cream for eyes fermentation
5. Ample:n PeelingShot


Is there any Kbeauty product (skincare or makeup) that is currently on your wish list?

I would like to try the Sulwhasoo series and get acquainted with professional Korean brands that work in salons.

We want to know more about you!

This or that

Skincare or make-up - Of course leaving! Me without make-up well )
Tea or Latte - I love green tea, but in the morning I have developed a habit of drinking freshly brewed coffee.
Cinema or Netflix - I love watching movies at home, but choosing with a loved one or friends at the cinema is priceless.
Night owl or early bird - I've always been a night owl since childhood. Even now, I'm answering the questions outside the window at night.
Summer or winter -  I love the Russian snowy winter, skating and pure white snow. But it's always long and cold. The warm is better.

Fill the gaps

Fav korean dish - Unfortunately I was not in Korea and did not try their national cuisine. But very this want!
Fav Kpop band - I'm not a music fan. And I do not listen to Korean music,alas.
Fav spot in the world - I love Asia! I was in Vietnam and I'd go back! I really want to visit Korea!)
Fav song - Beloved one there. Always recall different, mostly this American songs :)
Fav movie - I will not single out one, but there are many films that I would love to review!

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