KBeauty Stars of Instagram: Interview with Julie (@theskincarebimbo)

Hey Julie (@theskincarebimbo)! Thanks for taking part in my KBeauty Stars series! You're the first KBeauty addict from Norway I've interviewed!  Can you tell us a bit more about yourself?

-Hi there! I’m a 24 year old girl from Norway. Other than being addicted to kbeauty and skincare, I love playing video games, reading and just hanging out with friends. I have a degree in electrical engineering with my specialisation being Power Technology. Just finished a project position, so I’m looking for the next one.



How did you discover KBeauty?

-It started with watching beauty youtubers who lived in Korea. The products seemed fun, effective and at an affordable price. My friend showed me an online shop she had used, and that was it. No turning back!

I love your IG page (@theskincarebimbo). What was it that got you obsessed with Kbeauty? 

Thank you! I was struggling a lot with depression at one time, and getting out of bed was such a struggle. My skincare routine at that time was non existent. When I started getting better, I wanted to take better care of myself, so that is when I looked up skincare on youtube. When I ordered the first products, they made everything so much fun! They may not have been the best products out there, but it got me to be more interested in everything skincare and kbeauty. The more research I did, the better they worked for me. So it’s a mix of everything. I still have a lot of fun reading up on products, and trying new things!

Do you notice a difference between KBeauty and Western skincare?

-There is a difference in what kind of steps that people find normal, and what they use products for. I never thought of toners to be hydrating because it was always portrayed as something that you used to cleanse with and get rid of the extra makeup. Those differences are changing and since getting into skincare, I can definitely see that western beauty takes a lot of inspiration from KBeauty.

 What's your everyday morning skincare routine?

 I focus on hydration and in the morning, and ofc SPF. I start my morning with washing my face with a gentle cleanser, and then as quickly as I can I add toner, usually I layer my toner 3 times for extra hydration. I then use essence, serum, eye cream, moisturizer and sunscreen. The products in my routine are in rotation based on the products I’m testing out to review. I don’t like reviewing more that 2 products at a time, so that way my routine can be consistent. Doing this routine can take me 15-20 min, but my makeup routine is so quick that I have time for that!

What's your everyday makeup routine like?

 I usually use cushion foundation followed by a blush cushion and a little bit of contour. I then finish with a browcara and mascara. If I have time left before I have to take the bus or whatever I have to get to, I add a little bit of eyeshadow. 


What's your night time skincare routine?

It’s very similar to my morning routine, but the type of serum I use is different, and there will also be an oil and night mask added. I also like to treat myself to a sheet mask most night before I go to bed. I find them to be very relaxing. My night routine is also where I most often use actives like chemical exfoliants, Vit-C and retinol.

What is your most memorable and loved KBeauty product? Any story behind it that you'd like to share?

For me it’s the Centella Green Level Calming toner by Purito! It was the first product I received to review, and the first product I have repurchased so many times. I always thought my skin was dry, but it was just dehydrated. This toner is amazing for hydration, and when I use other toners I find myself missing this one all the time.  

If you were to recommend 5 Kbeauty products for a friend who's never tried KBeauty before, what 5 products would they be?

1. Purito - Centella Green Level Calming Toner

2. Cosrx - Snail Mucin Power Essence

3. Klairs - Soft Airy UV Essence Sunscreen

4. I’m From - Honey Mask

5. Dr.Jart - Ceramidin Cream


Is there any Kbeauty product (skincare or makeup) that is currently on your wish list?

I really want to try the products from Krave Beauty, so far I have only tried the cleanser. I also want to try the Snail& Azulene line from Tiam. The mugwort Essence from I’m From also looks really good!

We'd love to know more about you!

This or that

Skincare or makeup

Latte or tea

Netflix or Cinema

Early bird or night owl

Summer or Winter


Fill the gaps

Fav Korean dish
- I have never tried a korean dish, but I want to try cooking a vgan version of Jajangmyeon.

Fav Kpop band

-Can’t choose one, but at the time it’s Nu’est. I’ve been waiting for a OT5 comeback for 2 years, and it’s finally here! Also love JBJ(not longer active), BTS and Blackpink.

Fav spot in the world

-Love visiting Croatia! Such a beautiful country.

Fav song

-Laika by Kill Hannah, it’s been a favorite since I was 14!

Fav movie

-Pride and Prejudice(2005 version) and the LOTR triology


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