My Pop-up Diary at the Asian Beauty London Meet-up

Hey guys!

So last Sunday, I held a pop-up at the Asian Beauty London Meet-up where I was able to showcase and sell some of the KBeauty skincare products from the Luckyface online shop.

This was my second pop-up with AB London. The day before, I had to get everything nice and organised in my suitcase! I've done a couple of pop ups in London like this before so I knew my limitations on what I could bring. In the end, I decided to go for the star products in my online shop which were Benton, COSRX, Heimish and some Neogen and Mizon too.

I packed it all up in my mini pink suitcase and took the bus to Liverpool Street. Then it was a couple of blocks of walking to Hanbury Hall.

I tried to arrive with a some time to properly set up and decorate my table. I wanted my table to be very simple, elegant and minimalist so that it goes with my branding. Here's how it looked like: 

And here's me and my tablet before the event! If there's more ways for me to bring tech into beauty, I'm all for it! :) 

What was really nice about this particular event was that everyone was very curious about finding the best and latest skincare products coming out of Korea. Unlike some other pop-ups I've done, the women and men there were already KBeauty enthusiasts so I didn't need to explain what KBeauty was. That's such a win! 

It was also really nice to be able to demonstrate the products in front of people. I feel like having that face to face time with people on an individual level is really great because I can actually see how happy KBeauty makes them. I feel like it's a bit more personal too.

The other thing that was really cool about this event was that Sophie (the amazing AB meet up organiser) had a sampling table so it was really great to check out some of the other latest KBeauty brands which I hadn't heard of before. Those pink hibiscus pads from Unbound Lab were so amazing and refreshing! I was so tempted to just clean my face with those pads on the spot! :)

It was also lovely to see other KBeauty stores in the UK too. It's great to be able to be a part of a small niche community, and hopefully we can make KBeauty bigger outside of Korea! :)

As always, I'm so grateful to be a part of an event with such a great cause at the heart of it. The proceeds of the ticket sales and raffle went to the Indonesian Disaster Relief which helps the country to rebuild itself after the recent tsunami. I'm happy to have donated to the raffle prize and also the goodie bags that the silver tier attendees took home.

Thanks for reading my diary! If you were there too, do say hi to me in the comments below. I'd love to hear from you! :)

Love Em x

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