MY REVIEW: Laneige Two-Tone Moisturising and Lifting Sheet Mask

Hey everybody! So today I'm going to review the Laneige Two-Tone Moisturising and Lifting Sheet Mask.

These sheet masks are so cool because there's 4 different masks which targets different skin problems with 8 solutions from moisturising, lifting, brightening, hydrating, pore care, relaxing, clearing and nourishing.

You get a sheet mask for the top half of your face and a sheet mask for the lower part of your face.

What this means is that you can customise your perfect sheet mask to your skin's need.  Essentially, there's 8 different combinations of sheet masking for you to try out. I think this is pretty cool because most people's skin isn't the same all over the face.

For me, I have combination skin which means I have an oily T zone and dry cheeks. This can be quite tricky when it comes to choosing the best face sheet for my skin.

That's why I thought these face sheets which focus on the upper and lower half of the face are so cool. It just gives you that flexibility to design your own face sheet!

How it works

Open the top sheet mask packet, take out the sheet and unfold it. Use the net to help guide the sheet on your face. Pat it down so it's a good fit.

Then open the lower face sheet and use the net to position the sheet on your lower face.

You can make this Laneige sheet mask even more effective before putting the sheet on. Double cleanse by washing your face with an oil based cleanser (e.g. Heimish All Clean Balm) and then a water based cleanser (e.g. Benton Honest Cleansing Foam). After this, you can apply a toner (e.g. Pyunkang Yul Mist Toner) to restore your skin's pH. 

Ingredients and benefits 

The top face sheet was a blue one. It's designed to hydrate the T zone and cheeks with its star ingredients: hydro ion mineral water and advanced ceramide water. Ceramides are natural fats that you find in your skin and when you lose them over time, you start to get wrinkles. Adding ceramides to your skincare is great to reduce wrinkles.

The botton face sheet is a white one. It's designed to firm and lift the cheek and chin area, adding more elasticity too. Its star ingredient is Carob fruit extract which makes skin plump and youthful.


I loved the essence of this sheet mask! It feels really premium and isn't runny like some of sheets I've used. I really like the consistency of it.


The sheet mask is made of micro-fiber fabric which means it fits like a second skin. This is great for holding in all the essence on your face so that it gets absorbed evenly.

Another reason why it fit my face really well because it had 2 parts so I could adjust it to fit around my eyes and nose. 


This sheet gave me a dewiness for a couple of days. The first day particularly was amazing! It left me with a really nice glow that I definitely want again!


I think this is a great face sheet from Laneige because I love that you can customise it depending on what your skin needs. The essence is simply amazing too! I love the ingredients and the sheet fits so well, allowing the essence to absorb so well. 

Love Em x

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