REVIEW: Mamonde Creamy Tint Color Balm Intense in Velvet Rose

Check out my review of the Mamonde Creamy Tint Color Balm Intense in Velvet Rose. Will this tint my lips? Is this as creamy as it says? Read on and find out...

What it is

The Mamonde creamy tint color balm intense is a 3-in-1 lip product where it's a lip stick, lip balm and lip pencil. 


The Mamonde Creamy Tiny Color Balm Intense has a matte finish and once applied, it settles into a powdered texture on the lips. 

However, the powdered texture can be pretty drying on the lips so be sure to moisturise those lips with lots and lots of lip balm beforehand.

I was expecting it to be more creamy in texture considering the name.

When I was reading about these lip crayons, it claimed to be creamy and moisturising so I'm disappointed that it wasn't. Reading some other reviews online, others have found the texture to be chalky which I also agree with.



The colour range is incredible. They have 25 colours to choose from. It was really hard to choose which one to buy.

I chose the No 13 one which is called Velvet Rose and it's a dusty pink. I do really love the colour which I think is so pretty and suits my skin tone really well. I love how it's brightens my lips and brings it to life. 

However it took many layers for me to get a decent and even color payoff. 



The packaging is so convenient and cute too. I love how it's just like a crayon.


Let's look at its effectiveness by referring back to its claim to be a tinting lipstick, lip balm and lip liner all in one.

As a lipstick, it's moderately effective albeit drying on the lips due to its powdered texture.

As a lip tint, I was disappointed that there wasn't really any stain on my lips. My lips naturally are pale so any bit of colour is much appreciated.

Also, I'm lazy to reapply so if the lipstick wears off and there's a bit of a residual tint or stain on them then I'm all for that!

So I'm sad that this lip crayon didn't have that tinting effect for me.

It also claims to be a lip balm and as mentioned before, I didn't find this particular lip crayon very moisturising.

As a lip liner, I find the end of the lip crayon too blunt to be actually line the lips. 

Having said that, the colour is really gorgeous and I definitely got the colour I was expecting and hoping for.


This cost £7 which is normal price for a lip crayon from a high street shop. I got mine online.

Verdict   6/10

As my lips are naturally quite dry, it's not quite my favourite lip crayon because of its powdered texture and low tinting power. But I'm interested in trying out more from Mamonde skincare and makeup range.

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