What's the 'KBeauty Stars of Instagram' series all about?

Hey guys! If you are here on my blog, you may have seen my 'KBeauty Stars of Instagram' series. This is where I interview the beauty influencers in the Instagram community who are dedicated to Korean beauty. I thought it might be cool to actually share with you how I came up with this idea and my vision for this series. 

So, I have a bit of a background in Journalism and I love covering exciting stories and bringing news to people. I also just love finding out people's opinions on things!

I was online one evening and looking at all the amazing and beautiful content that people were producing on Instagram. You can tell there's so much heart in creating this content for the rest of the KBeauty community. (Seriously, how do you guys create such stunning feeds?!)

The problem with Instagram as an app is that there's an endless stream of pictures and information. There's so many pictures and products. So many reviews. So many things going on at once! (Cognitive overload!)

For me, I like simplicity. I wanted to know more about the person behind the content. As I was exploring all these Instagram accounts, I noticed that KBeauty influencers were spread out all over the world! They literally can be from any part of the world,  from the UK, to the US to Korea to Guam! 

That's where my idea to start this series came from. I wanted to interview bloggers and influencers and find out their absolute, most favourite skincare and makeup products.

My goal was to dig a little deeper and find out exactly how each person discovered KBeauty because everyone discovers Kbeauty in a different way!

So far, I've interviewed several beauty influencers from all over the world. It's always really exciting publishing these interview features. I've really enjoyed reading their interviews, getting ideas on what I should try next, and how they discovered KBeauty in the first place! :) I hope to keep interviewing more KBeauty influencers next year because I think it's a really fun part of The Lucky Blog.

Anyway, there's a bunch of really exciting interviews lined up. I don't want to reveal them now because surprises can be fun! I know you're gonna really like reading them as much as I do! :) Speak soon. x

Love Em x


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