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'I wanted more people to experience how having even a simple skincare routine could help them unwind and relax at the end of the day like how it helped me.'

-Founder, Emilie Le

A message from Emilie

 This is when I started researching skincare. I wanted to know how I could care for my skin in the day and renew it at night.

As I'm researching, I discover that Korean Beauty takes a skin-first approach to beauty and wellness. This intrigued me so much.

At the time, I was in a lot of pain as a result of my autoimmune condition. It was most painful at night. I couldn't sleep and my skin and overall health was deteriorating quickly.

I order a couple of skincare products like Missha's sun milk and some essences and toners from various KBeauty brands.

When it finally arrives to my home, I quickly test the sun screen to check if it works for me. I'm immediately amazed that it absorbs really nicely into my skin. It felt like a milky moisturiser but it obviously had the benefits of sun protection! I especially loved treating myself to toners and essences especially because there weren't such nourishing equivalents in the UK. Toners here were alcohol based and I avoided anything strong like that.

Over the years, I started becoming more interested in KBeauty skincare for its gentle, hydrating approach. This really helped me feel better psychologically too. At my worst, I used to dread it when it came close to bedtime because it meant the pain was coming. Now, I look forward to my bedtime skincare routine. I feel a sense of calm when I cleanse my face and apply my full bedtime routine. I love putting on different light layers of toners, serums, eye creams, essences, sleeping masks. I like playing around with skincare and seeing the glowing results the next morning. I see it all as an experiment. Mainly I like to stick to my tried and tested routine but sometimes, I'll add something new into the mix.

So it was really that experience that led me to rediscover and appreciate skincare. Then last summer, I decided to take my love and discovery of KBeauty skincare and make it bigger! I wanted more people around the world to experience how having even a simple bedtime routine could help them unwind and relax at the end of the day like how it helped me. Since beauty is only skin deep, it's never been about having the most perfect skin. My goal with @luckyfacebeauty is to help people not only feel good in their skin but give skincare newbies the basic skincare products to start loving and appreciating their skin again.

Love Em x

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