The KBeauty Glow Kit (Monthly KBeauty Subscription)
The KBeauty Glow Kit (Monthly KBeauty Subscription)

The KBeauty Glow Kit (Monthly KBeauty Subscription)

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This KBeauty Glow Kit is curated with the best KBeauty sheet masks that hydrate and glow your skin. Get pampering yourself  with your first kit!

Inside you will receive 5 luxurious Korean face sheets for your weekly pampering sessions. Expect a mix of starter sheet masks, premium masks and multi-step masks for your monthly beauty needs! 

Latest sheet masks include:

Dr JART+ - Ceramidin Facial Mask (£4.50)

This sheet mask creates an ultra-moisturising barrier and prevents moisture from evaporating with its soft emulsion formula, leaving skin radiant and hydrated!


CERAMIDES - plumps up skin and holds moisture in your skin for longer.

KEEP COOL - Shine Intensive Brightening Mask (£3.50)

Get radiant skin with this super thin, silky-like sheet mask that reduces pigmentation and fine lines.


PEARL EXTRACT - helps restore a natural, supple and youthful glow

VITAMIN B3 - helps reduce redness in the skin and hydrates skin

 A'PIEU - Cucumber Slice Sheet Mask (£2.50)

This sheet mask is ultra-refreshing! Use it to soothe and replenish your skin with lots of hydration.


CUCUMBER EXTRACT - soothes skin and gives it a lovely cooling sensation

WITCH HAZEL - helps with inflammation and redness

A'PIEU - Coffee Milk Sheet Mask (£2.50)

Firm up your skin with this delicious sheet mask with a special coffee kick!


MILK EXTRACT AND HYALURONIC ACID - hydrates skin for soft skin
COFFEE EXTRACT - wakes up tired skin
HYDROLYSED COLLAGEN - firms skin for a youthful appearance

PACKAGE - Everyday Bouncy Sheet Mask (£3.00)

Get a positively glowing and bouncy complexion with this ultra cute sheet mask containing honey and propolis.


PROPOLIS - contains anti-oxidants which helps skin appear youthful and is naturally anti-bacterial which helps prevent breakouts

GALACTOMYCES FERMENTED FILTRATE - helps to strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier and it also helps your skin to absorb nutrients more easily 


All KBeauty subscriptions are shipped out in the first 2 weeks of the following month. Last day to order is the last day of each month.

Billed monthly. Cancel anytime.

Ships to the UK, Europe and Worldwide.

*Free headband gift in the first subscription box in October


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