Korean Beauty Glass Skin Kit (3 piece set)
Korean Beauty Glass Skin Kit (3 piece set)
Korean Beauty Glass Skin Kit (3 piece set)

Korean Beauty Glass Skin Kit (3 piece set)

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What's inside the KBeauty Glass Skin Kit?

With Luckyface, you'll receive 3 full-sized KBeauty products tailored for your skin type and skin concern when you need it. 

Expect innovative Korean skincare brands like COSRX, PyunKang Yul, Benton, Heimish, Innisfree, Thank You Farmer, and much more.

You'll receive 3 products of the following steps:  

1) Oil Cleanser -  Effectively removes makeup and oil-based impurities like sebum, sunscreen, pollution particles

2) Foam Cleanser - Cleanses the skin and effectively removes water-based impurities on your skin such as dirt and sweat

3) Exfoliator - Cleans clogged pores, removes dead skin cells for smoother, brighter complexion

4) Toner - Balances the skin's pH and moisture level, it also preps the skin for the next stages of skincare and makeup

5) Essence - Adds moisture to the skin, improves complexion, helps skin renewal for radiant skin

6) Treatments: Serum, Boosters or Ampoules - These serums, ampoules and boosters target problem areas e.g. acne, fine lines, pigmentation

7) Sheet Masks - Locks in the essence so that the skin can be nourished with the beneficial ingredients

8) Eye Cream - Hydrates the delicate skin around the eyes, also it helps prevents dark circles, puffiness

9) Moisturiser - Seals in the moisture, adds to the glowy skin, plumps up skin, smoothes fine lines

10) Sunscreen - Protects skin against harmful UV rays



What makes the KBeauty Glass Skin Kit special?

These beauty boxes are specially curated to help your specific skin type become brighter, clearer and more radiant!

Great skin requires consistent high-quality skincare. With the Glass Skin Kit, you'll receive only high-quality skincare from the beauty capital of the world, Seoul.

Simply choose your skin type and we'll send you the set of KBeauty skincare products for your skin type.

When will you receive your KBeauty Glass Skin Kit?

Orders are lovingly handpicked, personalised and carefully delivered from Seoul to UK/Europe. As a thank you to our susbcribers, you'll receive a special skincare gift in every box.

All KBeauty subscriptions are shipped out on the 2nd of the following month. Last day to order is the last day of each month.

Billed depending on your delivery choices

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